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The Diamond Tea is a community of women uncovering life’s purpose and passions through a collection of stories pinpointing moments of self knowing – a pivotal awakening in each entrepreneur’s life that brings clarity and mission behind the driving force of her journey.

The Diamond Tea brings together businesswomen and entrepreneurs of all ages and industries to connect over stories, advice, support, guidance and more. It seeks to capture the experiences that drive reflection, intuition and innovation to empower each woman to discover happiness, success and guidance to do what most aligns with her skills, passions and mission in life.

It gives women inspirational stories, concrete skills, reflective time and meaningful guidance to pursue their dreams.

The Diamond Tea hosts an annual experience each year to give women a time to reflect, share and celebrate the complexities of life’s challenges and victories over a cup of tea. It also brings women together to collectively grow and collaborate through a series of daylong retreats and evening workshops.

The Diamond Tea Annual Event is Portland Metro area’s only event that connects mission inspired women entrepreneurs with each other in a combined social and philanthropic atmosphere that allows them to express their dreams, passions and contributions. It is the only event that is created for mission driven women to celebrate their unique journeys as they honor learn from each other.



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