Angela Maitland, Founder and Executive Director


Erica Ann Photography-103webcropAs the founder of Quintessential Productions and the Diamond Tea, I invite you to attend the upcoming 2013 event.

We have an exciting venue and four on stage speakers. Be sure to book the date. Spend this time realizing, remembering and reclaiming the fire and brilliance of your unique life.

Be one of 300 women who will experience empowerment, solidarity, networking and the joy of philanthropy.

I look forward to our conversation and sharing a cup of tea.


Beth Erlendson, Marketing Director


We would like to welcome Beth Erlendson to our team! She is the CEO and Manager Director of FAB Marketing Group, a results-driven marketing agency based in Tualatin, Oregon. She and her team will be assisting us with PR and marketing strategies to support the growth and success of The Diamond Tea.

Beth Erlendson started FAB Marketing Group in 2009 as a one-woman show, working out of a home office with a dream of providing small, inspired businesses with the expertise of a senior level marketing professional without the inherent cost of an in-house team. Fast forward to 2013, and the marketing agency is now headquartered in a beautiful creative space in Tualatin, Oregon with a team of seven professionals, each experts in their own right.

FAB Marketing Group is a full service agency with the ability to offer a broad array of business building, star-making marketing tools and strategies.  Clients rely on them for marketing agency and planning expertise, and creative inspiration to help them achieve success without the expense of an in-house marketing department. Services include strategic marketing planning, brand identity and logos, web design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, copywriting, public relations services and winery marketing.


Erin Jones, Exhibitor Director


The Diamond Tea motivates me because I see how it affects the women who come together and share how they found the strength to better their lives.

As a business owner, I can relate to many women trying to start a small business. I know all about what is involved physically and emotionally to make it successful. There are also hopes to help my family grow and be successful. I find myself applying the three words: realize, remember, and reclaim at my work, in my volunteer time, and at home.

If you are interested in participating as an exhibitor in the Diamond Tea 2013, please contact me for more information.


Sarah Gill, Communications Support


As a freelance writer, I love communicating ideas that are built on passion, authenticity, and generosity. The Diamond Tea embodies those three things. More than just an event, The Diamond Tea is filled to the brim with unrestrained passion for the mission: to help women realize, remember, and reclaim their authentic selves. Everything about this event is real and not contrived; it’s a safe place for women to come and take a breath of fresh air. But more than being focused completely on us, The Diamond Tea encourages us to look outside ourselves and see the needs of others, and gives us an opportunity to do something about it.


The Diamond Tea is one of the highlights of my year. It’s the perfect place for my creativity to be rejuvenated, inspired, and sharpened as I’m surrounded by unique, beautiful, creative women. No matter who you are or what you do, I guarantee you will be amazed at the incredible community of women you will encounter at The Diamond Tea.


Jeanette Rafferty, Guest Services & Nonprofit Director


I have always had a passion for working with nonprofit groups and spending my time working on projects that make a positive impact. I’ve especially enjoyed working with groups that benefit women and children. It means so much to me. Prior to being married and having children, I worked for a large corporation and loved my job. However, I always felt that there was something missing though. Now that I am a wife and stay at home mom, I am able to fill that gap by doing work that really matters to me. I’m able to focus my time and energy in ways that might help make the world a better place. I have experience working with many different types of non-profit organizations; however, The Diamond Tea has always held a special place in my heart. After attending the first event as a guest, I felt so motivated and inspired to do more. Now I am honored to be a part of the team that puts on this wonderful event. Working with this team of amazing women who are full of passion for helping others means so much to me. The Diamond Tea is an opportunity for you to be your amazing and authentic self – no matter where you are in your life. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you at the 2013 Diamond Tea event.